Tax Services

Shilo Financial specializes in providing tax planning and preparation services to small-to-medium sized businesses and their owners, working year-round to ensure full compliance and proper local, state and federal tax assessments. By incorporating tax services into our ongoing bookkeeping and accounting services, we are able to offer our clients significant cost savings and peace of mind.


We offer the following tax services to meet your needs:

  • Tax Planning

    For Individuals, Self-employed and Corporations: Business and personal taxes are intertwined. We can help you identify ways to structure your business and personal finances to manage taxes effectively and keep you on track for a solid financial future.

  • CRA Audit Representation:

    Support for individuals and businesses when communicating with CRA on a number of issues.

  • Personal Tax Service:

    For various Individuals

  • Self-Employed Tax Service:

    For Self-employed, commissioned salespersons, investors and partnerships

  • Corporate Tax Service:

    For small privately held corporations, family-owned businesses and professionals.

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